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Through Improved Business Continuity

IP Ethernet starting from $5k/Gbps/month*

Secure Offer

Flexible month to month

IPT redundant link @ 1 Gig AU$5000/Gbps/month
Drop off in Adelaide & Perth
Latency Syd to Perth 30ms
Layer 2 available




5GN is bringing solution flexibility and speed of service to the wholesale market

Trusted Advisor

A trusted advisor

We take the time to build a strong relationship; we don't just sell you a commodity

Flexible Solutions

Flexible fit

Because we own all the infrastructure, we can put together a solution that's a perfect fit for you

Committed to Growth

Committed to growth

We have an ongoing commitment to the expansion of our fibre footprint and linking our national data centres

Digital Future

Empowering your digital future

We'll underpin your business strategy with robust and trusted infrastructure and services

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