5GN Cloud Federation

Making cloud simple

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The 5GN Cloud Federation has been developed and built on a foundation of customer centred design, with a focus towards innovation and simplicity. This hybrid cloud ecosystem is centred on delivering eight key business outcomes:


Customer Experience

Business Intelligence

Security and Compliance

24/7 Digital Business

Business Agility

Automation and Scalability

Workforce Enablement

Cost Optimisation

The 5GN Cloud Federation is how we have brought our customers' vision to life; a marketplace of cloud products and services across a hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystem.

The key pillar of this solution is the 5GN Cloud platform, locally hosted in our owned and operated data centres across Australia. This cloud ecosystem is integrated and meshed into the 5GN nationwide fibre network to ensure business resiliency and performance of cloud applications. View the video overview of our Cloud Federation ecosystem.


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